Friday, June 12, 2009


" life is an open road - it's the best story never told
it's an endless sky – it's the deepest sea
life is an open road to me
life is an open road to me " says BRYAN ADAMS which is very true..

this road is the MUMBAI -GOA highway...the roads were so beautiful that u fell that this road may never end...let it go on n on n on.... its like an actual "TRIP"...nice cute little windy roads is all that u need .. n just to add some more cream u have LYNYRD SKYNYRD on ur cd player....

On these roads u dont feel like driving fast.. ok let me be honest these roads r not 'autobahns" of germany..but still driving like bout say 50 to 60 KMPH is fun... u really enjoy the breeze flowing through ur face .... n all the nature around u .... simply too good...after like a few kilometers from this point we reached a small hotel... typical road side hotel.... we were all hungry as hell...there we had awesome "kanda bhaji" followed by a spicy ginger tea....this GOA trip was definitely one of the best trips of m life...

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